Southwestern Green Chile Chicken Pasta

Southwestern Green Chile and Chicken Pasta

Chicken and Green Chile Pasta My husband and I almost never (is that a phrase? Almost Never??) go out to Dinner.  We have always enjoyed staying home and cooking or grilling in the comfort of our own home. BUT.....when the occasional urge to go out to Dinner hits us, we have our local favorites. One is a little Italian place in Rio Rancho, New Mexico called Joe's Pasta House.  It's an authentic New York Italian restaurant where the Chef and Owner provide amazing food that is fresh and delicious.  You dine in a quaint dining room with white table cloths and a guitar player in the corner adding to the ambiance.  The Southwestern Green Chile Pasta with Chicken is my FAV and this is where I was inspired to re-create this dish and make it my own. The dish is not overwhelming with heaviness, just the right amount of cream to add to the decadent flavors of chicken, pasta and, of course, the green chile.   This is so scrumptious, but please I am warning you that this has a bite, but it is so flavorful.  You will not be disappointed.  Enjoy! Continue reading